Will Douglas: Embraced Trump from the Outset

  • Meet Republican Will Douglas

    With Will Douglas, it’s all about falling in line with Donald Trump and his divisive, destructive agenda. Since announcing his campaign, Douglas has waved the Trump banner to claim funding from right-wing special interest groups and endorsements from Trump’s top allies in Texas. Even in the midst of a COVID-19 surge, Douglas appeared on stage with Donald Trump and praised his response to the COVID-19 pandemic that has left hundreds of thousands of Americans dead and millions more out of work.

    Will Douglas Praises Trump

  • Attacks on Families

    Dismantle Affordable Healthcare

    Will Douglas has embraced the Trump agenda that works to dismantle access to healthcare. Douglas backs Republican efforts of Trump and deep-pocket special interests to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA) that takes away coverage for pre-existing conditions, access to quality, affordable healthcare, and prescription drugs. Douglas and the Trump-GOP want to continue to block the expansion of healthcare for over 1 million Texans.

    Attack Public Schools

    Douglas has taken vast campaign funds from right-wing special interest groups dedicated to private school vouchers - shifting millions of dollars away from local neighborhood public schools and giving it to unaccountable private schools.

  • Failed COVID Approach

    As COVID-19 cases began to surge in North Texas, Will Douglas disregarded public health and appeared at a large event with Donald Trump -- praising his botched response. When Dallas County officials took proactive steps to enforce COVID health protocols, Will Douglas joined with Ted Cruz and Donald Trump in a right-wing effort to undermine doctors and public health professionals enforcing common-sense policies. Douglas has even accepted thousands of dollars in campaign funds from a disgraced pharmacist ordered to pay $400,000 for violation of The Controlled Substances Act..

  • District Shopping

    For Douglas, it’s Trump first. HD113 Voters? Maybe never.

    Douglas’ motivation for running appears to be based on blind devotion to Donald Trump. And, he filed to run for the Texas House of Representatives in State House District 113 even though he has no apparent ties to the district. Douglas has gamed the rules around candidate residency to run for office giving himself the chance to promote his Trump agenda while never really moving into the district.


    Douglas owns a home in the Uptown area of Dallas close to where two of his pharmacies are located. But he recently rented temporary housing in Southeast Dallas so that he could meet the eligibility requirement for office in HD 113 before the December 9, 2019 filing deadline.


    As an aspiring politician, Douglas saw an opportunity to manipulate the rules in seeking out a place to launch his political career. He’s not from East Dallas and has no business in East Dallas.